Full Sew-in Weave w/Invisible Part & Side Bang Install (Video)

So Sunday I did a full head sew in with an invisible part and a small leave out. This was my first attempt at an invisible part. An invisible part is a very tedious process, especially when you are sewing it in. Gluing it in seems like it would be a lot faster, matter of fact I know it would be.

The client/model only brought 1 1/2 packs of hair even though she was asked to bring 2 to 3 packs but I made it work. It wasn't quite as full as I would have preferred for it to be but it still looked damn good when I was done. That’s another reason I did the invisible part first, that’s the last place you want to run out of hair.
Like my daughter she has Remy on the bottom and just a regular Yaki on top.

I can say this though, an invisible part will not be a part of my normal sew in process when there is leave out. It took much longer than usual to do her hair.

My legs were killing me! I will say this again...I don’t know how stylists do it everyday. I have the utmost respect for them.

Full Sew-in w/Invisible Part, Side Bang Install with leave out using a mesh cap
Hair is 14" & 12" The 14" is Bobbi Boss First Remi #2
The 1" is 4 U Yaki #1

I used 5 "C" shaped needles to prevent constant threading.

Music: Put Ya Bag Down

By: Jig The Pres (one of my marketing clients)

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