Wednesday, March 15, 2017

60 Day Total System Reboot - Phase 1 Review

Today is day two of Phase 2 and day 11 of the 60 Day Total System Reboot. I am down 17 pounds but as you know that means nothing to me, because that weight can come back at any time. The focus is long term weight loss which can only be maintained through consistency, which the 60 Day Total System Reboot helps you to achieve.

To review Phase 1, as I mentioned before I started feeling really sluggish and I needed the flush more than anything. I used the Magnesium Citrate instead of the Sea Salt this time so the process took all day but that was fine by me. I also journaled during the entire 10 day detox.  During this time my mind was clear, I had a ton of energy and I felt light and not sluggish. I was able to focus on my studies with a clear mind and I did not have any headaches. I did add a protein drink on some days to keep my energy levels up when I felt like I wasn’t getting enough calories. I did not drink any of the V8 juice this time. Other times I felt nauseous and I would either suck on a lemon, drink mint tea with lemon or just drink hot water with lemon. I have used lemon and vinegar as a nausea cure since being pregnant fighting morning sickness.

I kept my juice in a tall sports bottle, each morning I would fill it up half way add my super green powder, moringa leaf powder and fill the rest with water. I sipped on this all day, a few times I would have a class of the cherry juice from boathouse or as I mentioned before a small bottle of the protein drink.

Now I am on phase two and it is going well. This phase has two parts, I will report again once part one of this phase has been completed.

And…It Is What It Is!

Monday, March 6, 2017

60 Day Total System Reboot - Day 2

Today, I was tempted to weigh myself. The next time I am supposed to weigh myself is the first day of phase two. However, after yesterday I was just too distraught and had to reweigh myself. I was very happy to see nine pounds gone.

That is the power of a system flush and why I start the plan with it. I had nine pounds of waste and excess water in my body that my body expelled yesterday.

I felt so good today and even though I am on a juice fast I was able to study and focus and I had my energy back. So even though I had no intentions on posting another blog about the program until Phase 2 I had to share this with you.

And...It Is What It Is!!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

60 Day Total System Reboot - Day 1

Today is day 1 of my 60 Day System Reboot plan. I told you all that I would be working the entire plan to completion. Estimating my finish date to be around May 2nd. Last night I was asked why I was starting on a Saturday and not a Sunday. I always suggest a Saturday start or whatever day you have off because day 1 is flush day. This weekend I have a ton of school work to do so I have no plans to go anywhere.

Like I am supposed to, per the plan I weighed myself. I have to be honest with you, I was really not happy; as a matter of fact if I wasn't who I am I would have shed a tear. But I've always believed in taking responsibility for your actions and my actions have not warranted healthy behavior lately, so I put my big girl (literally)panties on and sucked it up.

It's amazing how you know so much about health and diet and Fitness and you can still find yourself right there where some of your clients or followers are or have been. There are so many people that I have motivated to get into a healthier lifestyle who have gone on to motivate others and who are still motivating people while I sit here and reverse all of my good efforts.

Day one also consists of me journaling how I feel, why I'm on this journey, why I am starting this plan and also what my goal is. After you weigh yourself you write down your weight and  you also keep track of your measurements at the beginning of each phase and the end of phase 4 and write those down as well.

I did not weigh myself over the last couple months because I knew I wouldn't particularly like the number on the scale but I had no idea it was going to be as bad as it was. That alone is motivation for me to push forward and complete my own plan instead of just talking about it to other people; showing them that I too am strong enough to be the Shani that I once was.

And...It Is What It Is!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's Time To Cleanse My Body

Back in October I started my 60 Day Total System Reboot plan. It is an extension and revision of my 37 Day System Detox. I decided to make this plan a complete book. In order to make sure I provided you the best product possible, I decided to go on the plan myself; I also recorded myself daily for the first few weeks.

It is now February and I am going on the plan again so I can provide you with a per phase update that will also be a reference guide for anyone who decides to go on the plan themselves. You can go directly to the posts by selecting 60 Day Total System Reboot in the topics column.

If you are interested in trying out the plan for yourself you will have two options once I have completed the plan. You can try the free version which will be posted on this blog or you can purchase the complete plan which will also be available for $14.99.

And…It Is What It Is!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Through My Rose Colored Glasses

When I reflect back on my 2016, I try to think of ways I can duplicate it in 2017 or make it better.  My 2016, was not great because it just was, it was great because I made it that way. I chose happiness, I chose to keep my glass half full, but I also avoided as much negativity and drama as I could. We all know that negativity and drama is everywhere and negative people are hiding around every corner, but our reaction to them and those situations are what makes a world of difference. One of the things I have learned to do throughout my life is to internalize my role in situations then accept the consequence. For example, if I decided to buy something that I cannot comfortably afford, I have to accept if it causes me a hardship and not place blame on others. However, because I am aware of my financials I know not to put myself in those situations.

Another thing that has helped is picking and choosing my battles, this is a big one because I have to know when to just walk away, try a different approach or just attempt to empathize. Learning empathy has been the biggest part of my happiness. When you are surrounded by a number of people who just did not have a great 2016, you have to remember that whatever it is they went through, they at times deflected it onto you. Learning to approach them with the mindset that they are not in a good place allows you to: know when to walk away and how to approach them in a manner that will prevent friction. When I say this, I do not mean walk on eggshells or become a doormat, doing so would not allow you to have internal happiness, it would actually cause the opposite effect and cause you to become angry, just like them. But sometimes just knowing when you should set them straight as compared to keeping your calm, sticking to the point and walking away  not feeling like their attitude was personal. You know, having the ability to just shrug it off and going on with your day allowing them to sit in their own unhappiness.

I have learned to look at situations as blessings, even bad situations. Believe me, I could take a look at any negative situation and stew over it forever if I wanted to, never taking away a learning experience or anything else from it. But when something bad happens, I search for a positive and I focus on that. Even if the act itself was not positive, I try to see if something positive resulted from that incident. For example, say I was driving my car down the freeway and it just stopped at 3:45pm. Then I get it to the shop and they tell me there is nothing they can do and now I need a new car. I have no money to afford a new car but I have to do what I can to come up with something. Then I find out that at 4:00pm a car ran into a pole and shut down the street where I live and all of the cars that were there at that time had nowhere to go and was stuck on the street for hours. I would say “wow, I am sure glad I wasn’t stuck in that mess. Had I not broken down I would have drove right into it and maybe even been hit by the car or the pole”. Even if that may not have even happened to me, I use that as my positive moment and I trust in God to do the rest. I trust in God to provide a way for me to afford the new car I am going to need and with the power of God and my own self determination to make things happen, I know that I will have what I need.

I have said before, that I am spiritual and as a spiritual person I believe in God and the power of the universe. I am a true believer in the Secret and willing things in your direction. I feel as though when you listen to the silence of the universe, that you can hear God speak to you in the smallest of things. I am a firm believer in karma; I think what you put out into the universe comes back to you. So if you throw out negativity that is exactly what you will get back. So much negativity took place in the world in 2016 and at times it got to me, it got under my skin, I am sure these events also affected others. At one point the negativity consumed me and I had to disconnect from the world long enough to re-center myself and process life effectively, in a whole new light and mind frame. When I sit with myself I internalize life and situations and evaluate how I did or should handle them. I deal with it as someone looking from the outside in, then I work my way out.

Communication will always be your friend. Never allow what's bothering you to consume you. Take a moment to think about the situation and evaluate it properly and then talk about it. Even if the other person is not receptive to the conversation at least you know you got out what you were feeling so that it doesn't consume you.

This is what works for me, and you will need to do what works for you but always take time to self-evaluate and reflect on your life and the lives of those around you. Once you allow yourself a better sense of who you are, who they are, and how to process situations, your world will become your own and not dictated by those around you.

And…It Is What it Is!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shani’s Southwest Chicken Soup

A few weeks ago I wanted some pulled chicken sandwiches. I decided to put a few chicken breasts and diced onion in my crockpot. Once it was done I realized I had made entirely too much shredded chicken, so I scooped out what I needed and left the rest in the crockpot. I was not sure what I wanted to do with the extra shredded chicken so I put it in a container and froze it. Finally, today I decided I would make some soup that would be perfect for this weather. I decided to share my recipe with you, this will probably be one of the easiest meals ou will ever make, the only thing that will take time is the chicken.

Shani’s Southwest Chicken Soup

2 shredded Chicken Breasts
4 cups Chicken Broth
½ Onion, diced
2 tbsp Garlic, minced
½ bundle of Cilantro, chopped
1 cup frozen Corn
1 cup dried Black Beans (or 14oz can)
1 14oz can diced Tomatoes
1 4oz can Green Chiles
1 8oz can Tomato Sauce
1 tbsp Oregano
2 tbsp Cumin
2 tbsp Taco Seasoning
1 tsp Sea Salt
1 tsp Pepper


Boil chicken in 3-4 cups of water, add salt. Once cooked, remove chicken from water and place in a bowl. Pull chicken apart using a fork.
Beans (if using dry beans)
In a small bowl, soak beans in water overnight, rinse. You may want to cook your beans for a couple house in the crockpot or on the stove first.

Add all ingredients to your crockpot and cook on low for six hours. Do not drain your canned items. I would suggest mixing your ingredients with a large spoon after 3 hours.

Once it is done, you can add extras like sour cream, guacamole or tortilla strips to your serving.

And…It Is What It Is!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Goals: How Many of Us Have Them

Growing up we have plans, even someone with a hard life has a plan for their life. Some of our life plans may not be ambitious plans, but they are plans. Not everyone has the dream of going to college and finishing it through, but for those who do it is never too late. Sometimes life happens and we are unable to accomplish all of our goals and then the next thing you know that goal becomes a distant memory of what the plan was. Eventually you come back and think about that goal because it's lingering in your mind as something you never completed, a goal you never reached.

I remember when I made up my mind that I wanted to go back to school. I was sitting at work and a new girl sat across from me; she had completed her bachelor's degree and was getting ready to start working on her Master’s degree the next month at an online college. I researched the school she was going to and I remember telling myself that I was going to start preparing myself to go back to school as well; this was in September of 2011. I told myself that I would give myself until the spring of 2012 to settle myself and prepare for life as a student and I too would start on my degree at this online school. Well, 2012 came and I had emerged to myself into my fitness journey; then I ended up getting married at the end of the year. I was living my life fully emerged in my fitness and my marriage was not going how I had planned. It wasn't until after my separation that I thought about going to school again. In February of 2014 I quit my job for a different position. I was blessed to be offered the position due to my lack of a college degree, but my experience is what landed me the job. However, the company was not a right fit for me and it was time for me to look for something else. While I was looking for other positions a lot of jobs with that same supervising role required a degree. I was fortunate be offered a position with my current employer but I knew I still needed my degree. So in the spring of 2014 I decided that it was time to get my degree, my job search was not the only thing that prompted my decision, I had surrounded myself with people who had accomplished this goal, and it was their positive influence that led me in the right direction. I took my time and researched the online school again but ultimately decided to enroll in Community College instead of going to the online school I was going to go to. The reason I decided to do this is because I wanted to see an accomplishment for all of my hard work after the first 2 years. Meaning I wanted to obtain an Associate's degree then continue on and obtain my Bachelor's degree at a 4 year college, entering as a Junior. I decided to put the online school on hold until it was time to obtain my Master’s degree, which will take an additional 2 years, maybe less.

When I announced that I was going back to school I had mixed reviews, almost everyone was supportive of my decision. However, one important person was not very supportive, initially; that person was my mother and even though it hurt me to the core that she did not think I had the time to be a student, I moved forward with it anyway. The same way I did when my grandmother told me I would not graduate from high school a year early. In January 2015, I became a college student again since I had last attended 17 years prior; it was a very good feeling.

Now it is my 2 year anniversary and I am six classes away from completing my associate's degree. The same people I had cheering me on in the beginning are still in my corner today and my mom tells me how proud of me she is. I have made a believer out of anyone who has doubted me and I've made a believer out of myself. Yes, there was doubt even before I decided to enroll in school, I wondered if I would be able to do it, if I had what it took to be a student again, if my life warranted the time needed. My son constantly tells me how proud he is of me and it encourages him to do well in school. My daughter is currently a sophomore in college and even though she has her own bumps in the road she is working towards her goal.

Life happens every day, but what would life be if we did not go after the things we want most. So many people believe that things should be given to them, or they feel it is too late to have what they want. There is no greater feeling than reaching a goal and saying to yourself, I was worth all the effort it took to get there.

After I began to live my life on my terms, I became happy; I filled myself with purpose. Everything around me began to change and my outlook on my life did as well. When you go after what you want everything else falls into place and helps you along the way.

And…It Is What it Is!