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60 Day Total System Reboot - Phase 3 Review

I am a little late with my Phase 3 update but I am proud to announce that I was down a total of 14.5 inches. I really kept it simple with the plan and didn’t steer too far from Part 2 of Phase 2. I had a moment or two where I had a starch but what I love the most about this plan is that it teaches you discipline while you build a lesser desire for unhealthy foods. I am able to nibble on a treat and not desire others.  This is the focus and the intent of the plan. No I am in Phase 4 and I feel stronger than ever. Keeping on top of my meal prep has been the biggest help to help keep me on track.
I seem to appreciate my food so much more than I did before. I have always considered myself a foodie and I took food for granted, I do not think that before today I realized how much of a pleasure it is to just eat to live and not live to eat. I know I sound obese but you do not need to be obese to be greedy. I am still a lover of food, but it is not my go to which is what it had become for m…

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