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Birthday Party Success

I had my party this weekend and I must say it was a success. It is always good to be surrounded by friends and family. I got to see one of my God Sons (out of 3) that I have not seen in many many years. I am very happy he came; he has grown to be a great young man. He got along with the family perfectly, like he has been there all along. I did not get many photos but I did get one of us together. I was running around so much that I was not able to get pictures of the set up. I did get a couple of pictures of a few of the guests and that’s pretty much it. I believe the last group of people left around 1. My best friend came to town like every year; it’s always good to see him
The weather was not what I expected it to be but that's okay; good thing I have a large porch and a lot of room inside my home. I had four tiki torches that blazed all day and night and in the evening lit up the yard. I also had glowing balls that lit up the porch. 
There was a lot to be done but I did have some…

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