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Air Fryer Turkey Pepperoni and Veggie Pizza w/an Alfredo base (video)

I love my air fryer. I am able to make meals that I enjoy with less fat and less calories in less time. My family and I love our "build your own" nights. This is when I lay out all the fixings and everyone creates their "own" how they like it. We do this with sandwiches and pizzas. 
This time I wanted to make my pizza in the air fryer instead of the oven. My son opted for the oven while everyone else followed my lead and made theirs in the air fryer.
Overall, I loved my pizza but I think next time I want to cook the bottom for 5 minutes so that it is crispier, because the air fryer cooks from the top. I will then flip it over and add my toppings to the top and cook it.
Everyone had totally different pizzas; some had marinara sauce, some Alfredo, and some had half and half; but I am going to share mines. 
Crust: 7 inch pizza crust
Toppings: Alfredo Sauce Garlic Parm Mozzarella Cheese Oregano Turkey Pepperoni Tomatoes Onions Bell Peppers
Cooked on 400 degrees for 8 mi…

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