Monday, April 20, 2015

Chunky Veggie & Egg White Frittata

Chunky Veggie & Egg White Frittata


24 egg whites or 6 cups Liquid egg whites
½ cup of red onions, chunky chopped
½ cup of red bell peppers, chunky chopped
½ cup of mushrooms, chunky chopped
½ cup of scallions (green onions), chopped
½ cup of spinach, chopped
2 tablespoons Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of pepper


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a separate bowl mix your veggies together so they will be well proportioned.
Spray a glass pie dish with olive oil and add in veggies, spread veggies evenly.

Pour in egg whites, do not overflow. 
Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown. 
Allow to cool for 25-30 minutes before cutting. Store in the fridge not the freezer. 
They only take about 30-60 seconds to warm up in the morning 

Meal Prep - Week of 04/19/15

I do not always share my meal prep for the week, but this week I wanted to share it with you.

Breakfast: Chunky Veggie & Egg White Frittata 
AM Snack: Small Salad with grilled Chicken Breasts
Lunch: 3 types of Chicken Breasts, steamed Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli and Stir-fry Veggies
PM Snack: Hummus/Turkey Muffins

I am having sweet potatoes for 2 days and I seasoned them differently during meal prep for each day, 1 day I have ginger and pumpkin spice day 2 is cinnamon and nutmeg.
My meat was seasoned three different ways as well to provide variety. I picked up a neat trick from Fit Men Cook

To make meal prep easier, I do not cook my veggies or sweet potatoes. I just wash and chop my veggies and I slice my sweet potatoes thin with a Mandolin so they cook thoroughly. When I microwave my food I leave the top on but vent it and the steam cooks the veggies and sweet potatoes.

And...It Is What It Is!

Shani's Turkey/Chicken Muffins (Healthier Version)

As if these could get any healthier! Well, they can; therefore, I am sharing an even healthier version of my turkey/chicken muffins. For the original recipe click here

Turkey/Chicken Muffins

1lb of Ground Turkey/Chicken Meat
4 Egg whites
1 cup of Quick Oats
½ whole Tomato
¼ whole Onion
½ whole Bell Pepper
¼ cup of sliced Mushrooms
¼ cup of cubed Butternut Squash (optional)
1/8 cup of Tomato Paste
1 tablespoon of Italian Seasoning
1 tablespoon of Pepper
*add any additional seasonings you like
*try with Shani’s Everything or Shani’s Poultry seasonings

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In a large bowl add ground meat and egg whites
Add oatmeal to bowl.
Add all veggies to a food processor and process until they are chopped fine.
Add tomato paste, salt, Italian seasoning, pepper and any other seasonings.
Using your hands or spatula, Mix all ingredients until mixed thoroughly.

Using olive oil, spray or lightly oil a muffin pan (1 dozen or 2 six)

Grab mix and form into 12 balls and place into the muffin pan(s)
Bake for 25-30 minutes

Makes 1 dozen

And...It Is What It is!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Food Stamp Reform...I Am All for It!

With the recent news of the Missouri, Republican state lawmaker, Rick Brattin, pushing for a food stamp reform, everyone is bashing Welfare and food stamps; understandably, you have those that are very offended by this. Welfare was put in place to assist those who need it, NEED being the operative word. The issue is that this assistance has caused people to become dependent and lazy.  Somehow, they have found ways to get around the five year/sixty month cap on the program. Yes, there are those that are disabled, but if they are truly disabled, they would be on SSI not Welfare.

I am all for assisting those when needed, because there are times when the chips do not land in your favor and you find yourself in need of assistance. However, at what point do you decide that enough is enough? At what point do you desire more for yourself and your children? At this point, if you are currently receiving welfare, you are eligible to have your education paid for, for at least an Associate’s Degree. Instead, you have people who would rather abuse their benefits (i.e. housing, food, cash, etc), collecting free toys for Christmas to add to the collection of toys their kids probably do not even play with, taking from those who are truly in need. Some with a husband/wife or other non-reported individual who too does absolutely nothing; in some cases the other person has some kind of income but again, one of them is living off the state; sucking the tax dollars from those who choose to work hard for their families. If this is you, you cannot be upset with those who are not happy with your decision. You do not have the right to be upset with the hard working citizens who are funding your lazy, unmotivated, co-dependent lifestyle.

Again, I repeat, if you need the assistance, then by all means, I welcome you to it. But if you do not NEED the assistance, I personally have ZERO respect for you. I am always willing to assist those in need, but I have zero tolerance for those who choose to be the parasites and leeches of society.

Right now, we need more jobs, we need more doors opened for those who want more but are being rejected. I want to see more people starting businesses so that they can help others feed their families. But that cannot happen if people are not motivated, if people sit complacent, doing nothing, raising children who are not learning to be productive citizens of society. What they are doing is creating a generation of lazy children who may end up worse off if Welfare & Food Stamps are reformed by the time they are old enough to procreate, if they have not started already.

In regard to the Food Stamp Reform, I am all for it. I may not agree with every aspect of it, however I do agree with eliminating junk food from the list the same way liquor is. I believe that the benefits should only be used for nutritious foods like: meats, vegetables, fruits, legumes, bread etc. Not for Twinkies, donuts, soda, and the other sugar filled treats that are contributing to America’s obnoxious obesity rate.

I mean, considering my take of health and nutrition, would you have expected anything less?

And…It Is What It Is!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning Challenge – 4 Week Total Body Detox & Slim Down

I do not think I can maintain my excitement. I have been on my fitness journey for over 3 years now and it has had its up and its downs, but I can honestly say I would never give it up, not willingly. My life depends on my success; this battle is a lifetime battle. What that means is that living a healthy lifestyle is consistent; it is not something you do for a moment just to lose a few pounds, then think that it is done once you have reached a specific goal. Temptation and bad foods are everywhere; they are easier to obtain than cocaine, which is why food addiction is not only more difficult to kick than a drug addiction, but believe it or not, food is also more addicting than recreational drugs, specifically sugar and junk food.  If you want a fix, all you have to do is scrounge up a few pennies and walk down to the local corner store and get whatever you need.

The effects of sugar resemble the effects of cocaine on the brain. Sugar not only makes us fat, it also wreaks havoc on our liver, slows down our metabolism, impairs brain function, and may leave us susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

So, why am I so excited? Well, I am excited because I am launching my Spring Cleaning Challenge – 4 Week Total Body Detox & Slim Down. The challenge begins March 29th and ends April 25th, it includes: A Full 4 Week Plan, 4 Week Meal Plan, 4 Week Fitness Plan, Personal Tracking Sheets, Special Recipes, Continuous Support, Daily Accountability, Daily Motivation, and Access to the private FB group. If followed correctly, your body will be detoxed from toxins and free from radicals. Your energy will be restored and your tummy will be slimmer. Even if for some reason you miss the challenge, you can follow the plan at any time on your own.

If you are interested in joining the challenge just go to the website for more info.

And…It Is What it Is!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Soulmates - When Your Souls Connect

What is fate exactly? Is it true that someone is imprinted on you before you are even born? Is it true that our souls are connected before birth? Do we all have a soulmate; if so, for what reason have their souls never connected? Has society become so damaged that destined souls never meet? Would you even know your soulmate if you met them or has a lifetime of hurt and disappointment create an invisible blinder, preventing you from recognizing a soul such as your own?

Some of us do not even know who we are; how are we to know when we meet our soulmate. Sometimes we meet our polar opposite. When your souls were separated, there are certain traits they took from your soul and there were traits that you took from theirs. Therefore, when you connect again, it will make you whole. Some souls were just split in half, equal parts and when the souls reconnect, instead of two halves, they will become one whole.

Have you ever met someone that was so much like you, it was scary? Someone who you felt truly was the other half of your soul, born either before or after you; like they left heaven before you or you left before them. Maybe you were born at the same time, only to meet again later in life, two beings reunited. It feels like you've known them before, it feels like everything you had been missing but never knew why, has been returned to you, as if they had been taken.

Sometimes we cannot explain a connection to someone, we don't understand, and sometimes it can be very frightening. They are your twin, your reflection, and looking at your own reflection is not always what we think it is. First, we have to recognize them when we see them. Then we have to accept them. We must realize that they have had different experiences, they have different knowledge; they were raised by someone different than you were; so everything will not be exact. We must respect that, love them, allow them in, only then can you become one.

And…It Is What It Is!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Stay Within Your Dating Lane - Date Who You Can Deal With (Video)

The video below pretty much speaks for itself; but I have decided to write this blog about the topic at hand.

Too often we find ourselves in relationships that just are not quite what we had in mind. Men look at a woman that has it all together and say to themselves “damn, I need a woman like her in my life” not realizing what it takes to be where she is and maintain that. Some women actually slow down after meeting this man because he is either complaining about needing her to be there more or she just chooses to be there more. I know you have seen that woman that seemed to have it all, looks good, and is all about her business; then all of a sudden after she gets with a certain guy she kind of goes downhill? Or you may have heard someone say “ever since she got with so and so she don’t look the same” or “so and so brought her down.” Well, this is not about her; I say her, because it is usually the woman who sacrifices herself more often than the man, but men do it as well. But this focuses more on the person who keeps striving, who stays busy and the person who is dating them.

This is more of a message pertaining to staying within your zone, dating on your level, etc. I have always promoted the saying “surround yourself with people doing better than you”. Sounds good, right? Well, that only pertains to people who are actively trying to elevate themselves; otherwise you are doing more damage than good and if you are the one who is doing good and dating someone who is not, you may find that they will bring, or attempt to, bring you down if their goals do not match your own.

If you want someone who will have a lot of time for you and you have a lot of time for them, then good. But if you want someone who is successful or is working towards being successful, you have to realize that this person will be busy and may not have the amount of time you are wanting. If you are dating someone who decides they want to go back to school and better their life, especially if you have children together, you need to respect their school schedule and study time so that they can obtain a degree to provide a better life for your children. You have to realize that school takes a lot of time, if that person is going to be successful. Stressing them about not having time for you and being available when you want them to be is only going to derail them from their success. 

Having that ideal person sounds like a wonderful life, but keep in mind the sacrifice it takes for things to be ideal. If you know you are a busy person and you choose to date someone with a lot of time on their hands, do not assume that they are going to understand just because you told them that you are a busy person. Eventually, they forget those words and begin to demand more time from you. You are better off dating someone who understands your busy schedule, your hustle, your drive; if not, prepare yourself for possible headaches in the future. 

If you see a single parent and they seem to have it all together, they are financially stable, they are in school, they own a business, they have a good job, and they are a great parent, remember, all of that takes time; meaning, in order for them to do all of that they don’t have a lot of time available. You must find a way to fit into their schedule. Even if that means doing stuff with the kids, coming to games they may coach or their kid’s game, helping them study for a test, whatever it takes to build that bond.

Honestly, I could talk about this topic all day but I am going to let you watch to the video.

And...It Is What It Is!